Injection moulding

Since 1983 we have specialised in finishing large-scale assignments. We can help our customers with their high-volumes thanks to our carefully considered production processes.  

Our production zone is equipped with all the most modern automated processes to ensure that our products are produced in the best and most efficient manner. With over 50 electrical and pneumatic injection moulding machines weighing between 50 and 900 tons we can produce a wide range of products, and satisfy the many wishes of our clients.


Once the plastic product has been made, this can then be finished in a way to suit the client's requirements and wishes. We are able to print the products ourselves, in a variety of ways, not to mention assemble different items.  

The chosen method depends on the particular product but, in doing so, we have developed our own printing and assembly machines.  

  • Pad printing
  • Hot foil printing
  • Dry offset printing
  • Assembly machines (insertion and packaging machines)


Sova-Plastics is a strong believer in technological innovation and the benefits of scale. Automation is one of our main objections during the production process. Thanks to the right knowledge and know-how, Sova-Plastics is able to combine injection moulding and component assembly in an automated production process. Our experience and strict quality requirements are enforced in every industry in which we operate. Ranging from the food to the automotive industry.  

Sova-Plastics uses 3-axis and 5-axis robots in its automation. These take care of a fully automatic removal of products after production, followed by fully automated packaging. The products are all followed closely on camera during the production process.

Quality control

At Sova-Plastics the focus is on the customer. From the planning stage right to the production of the end product we continue to monitor the quality of our products closely. In this way we satisfy the high expectations and meet the demands of our customers.  

In 1992 we were the first injection moulding company to be awarded an ISO certificate. This was achieved by looking closely at the entire process. Precise quality control of every product and thorough analysis ensure a rigorous quality control.  

Control mechanisms are a separate part of the quality control process, allowing the company to check whether the products, machines, drivers and moulds meet the established requirements. Our refined control mechanism systematically evaluates the results on a permanent basis. In doing so we can ensure that you receive the best quality.  

The complete quality inspection is carried out according to strict ISO standards. This includes the use of 3-axis measuring benches and colour tests that guarantee the quality of our products.



Thanks to its healthy company philosophy and associated smart investments Sova-Plastics is a ultra-modern company that focuses on the needs both today and in the future. As our customer, both you and your product are important. We will adapt our know-how to your wishes and deliver you a top-quality project on-time.  

We have storage capacity for 20,000 pallets. This means that we can keep a large stock of all kinds of products available. As soon as you need something it can be produced and delivered fast.

Track and Trace

Sova-Plastics has developed its own track & trace system to ensure that products are properly tracked. With our modern scanning system we are able to guarantee that the entire journey is traced. Throughout every step of the production process, from start to finish.

First in, First out 

All items, ranging from raw materials to finished items are managed according to a FIFO system. A fully automated storage warehouse guarantees full traceability of all raw materials and products. Each component, even the very smallest, is digitally traced. A guarantee of complete control.