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About Sova-Plastics

Trendsetter in injection moulding

Sova-Plastics produces thermoplastics for every industry. The company started on a self-employed basis back in 1983, and has since grown to become a trendsetter in the field of injection moulding.
As a modern SME, Sova-Plastics combines advanced know-how with a customer-friendly approach. Our key attributes include excellent quality products and a strong customer focus in our quotations and activities.

Trusted partner

Sova-Plastics designs and crafts high-quality plastic products for all branches of industry. Whether you are looking for continuous production or an exclusive packaging order, you can always be sure to receive top-quality goods. There are currently 85 employees in our team. At Sova-Plastics we transport our products all over the world.


Experience is a valuable asset at Sova-Plastics. With our many years of experience we can consistently deliver a unique and high-quality product. Each assignment is unique and is treated as such. Extensive, demanding and complex orders are all managed down to the last detail. You can count on our thorough expertise, ultra-modern machinery and a customer-focused approach.